Executive Board

President – Anita George

Anita is currently a junior from Doha, Qatar majoring in Economics and Environment, Sustainability, and Policy with an interest in pursuing a Math minor. Outside of ESA, she is working in an administration role under the International Student Success program in the College of Arts & Sciences as well as the current Fundraising chair of the business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi. Her hobbies include making music, playing guitar, and working out. As President, Anita hopes to spread more awareness with regard to potential career goals that can be attained by applying economic expertise as well as encouraging similar professional interests.


Vice President – Gil Markman

Gil is currently a junior from Massachusetts majoring in economics and mathematics. In addition to serving on the executive board of ESA, he is also a member of the Syracuse University Investment Club. Outside of academics, he enjoys hiking, skiing, and watching movies. As Vice President, Gil aims to encourage students to explore and study topics in the field of economics as well as providing a network for people interested in studying economics.

Treasurer – David Gabbay

David is currently a sophomore from San Francisco, California majoring in finance, business analytics and economics. He is also active with the Syracuse University Investment Club. As treasurer, David connects ESA with campus stakeholders to secure resources for events and programming. Some of his favorite pastimes include trying out new cuisines and exploring nature with friends.

Director of Professional Development – Ashima Dhawan

Ashima is currently a junior from San Francisco, California studying Economics and Finance with an interest in pursuing law after graduation. In addition to serving on the executive board of ESA, she is also a member of the Pre-Law Society. As Head of Membership Development, Ashima aims to encourage those interested in economics to join ESA while also giving them the opportunity to connect with others in the organization. 

Social Media Director – Daniella Kravchik

Daniella is currently a senior from New Jersey majoring in Economics and Applied Data Analytics. In addition to serving on the executive board of ESA, she is also involved with social greek life and is a tour guide! Her hobbies include hiking, reading, and listening to music. As Social Media Director, Daniella hopes to grow ESA’s social media presence and provide insight into all the great resources ESA can connect students with.

Event Logistics Chair – Sarah Un

Sarah is a senior from Macau, China majoring in Economics with a minor in Global Political Economy. As Events Logistics Chair, she hopes to encourage students to join ESA activities that could help them better connect with their majors. Some of her hobbies include playing the piano and biking.

Faculty Adviser – Dr. Liu 

Faculty Adviser – Dr. Jonelis